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Air Conditioning, Heating, & Infloor Heating

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At Advantage Plumbing & Heating Inc we offer forced air and infloor heating systems. Unlike a forced air system, ¬†Infloor heating keeps objects and people warm instead of accumulating at the ceiling and leaving the rest of the room cool. If you’re looking to change out your forced air heating and cooling system, we can do that too! Call us today at (715)423-1200 or (608) 403-1710!

HVAC & Infloor Heating Services

  • Furnaces (new construction, change outs)
  • Infloor heating
  • Hydronic heating
  • Clean and checks
  • Boilers
  • Air conditioning (new construction and change outs)

Replace My Furnace

Our HVAC service professionals can help keep your furnace in check with pressure checks and pump maintenance. Our HVAC tech will clean the pump and check the condition of the pressure release valve and reducing valve. Failure to check and clean valves is the primary reason that pumps need to be replaced. If you take good care of your HVAC system, then it will keep your home and family warm and toasty for years. Contact us today to get yours installed!

Infloor Heating

Infloor heating is supplied by hot-water tubes underneath the floor. Invisibles waves of thermal radiation rise from below and warm the any objects they come in contact with. Heated objects radiate the captured heat in turn and maintain a comfortable temperature. Infloor heated homes are free from radiators, heat vents, or grills. Allergy suffers will be pleased to hear that infloor heating prevents all the unnecessary dust and airborne allergens by eliminating the need for forced air ductwork.

An infloor heating system is a closed system and needs to maintain a consistent pressure.